Danse de la Mort

Part VII continued. . . . . . . Played On: May 8th

Kill Lucas ... Play by Post & Rap-up

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He’s Dead!
Bella half dragged me to the window and half threw me out of it. I manage to come around long enough to land solidly and catch Bella at the same time. She hopped out of my arms grabbed my hand and we ran around to the front of the building, there was Dox, I vaguely herd sirens off in the distance.

I just followed Bella, got into the back of the van and sat down, laying my head on my knees, I closed my eyes, my head hurt like nothing I have ever felt before. My whole body ached, I tried to heal but I only managed a little. I need to feed if I am going to heal completely. My body ached but I just didn’t care, my mind kept floating back to the brawl, my mind started to fill up with rage… but then I herd this strangely pleasant tune coming from a guitar, I couldn’t raise my head but I felt that it was probably Edward, it made me want to sleep, it took everything I had to stay awake.

Edward put on a bit of a speech but his last words are what really stood out to me, “I am done being a pawn in her game, I am done being afraid of her, Lukas, the Prince, even Matheson, but I don’t know how I’ll get over my fear of losing all of you…”

Hearing Edwards word I lifted my head and looked him in the eye. “I don’t want to be a pawn anymore either.” I tried to hold back all the emotions coursing through me but I’m unsure as to what he saw in me, the rage of being manipulated into this situation, the physical pain, the mental anguish, the sorrow for what I had done, everything just kept bubbling to the top and I didn’t know what to feel. “I want to get some control, I want more knowledge.” Not able to hold back any more I put my head back on my knees and felt the tears well up. “I don’t want to lose you guys either.” I did my best to talk without letting them hear the pain in my voice, but I really didn’t care anymore, I just sat there hugging my legs, quietly sobbing into my knees.

Arms gently wrapped around me, murmuring voices in the background welcoming sleep. Slowly in the black of my mind flashes of victims danced, gleeful ecstasy. I lifted my head immediately looking at the wall of the van, blinking my eyes repeatedly to try and get those offal images out of my head. But they started to appear on the wall of the van, silhouetted figures cringing in pain. Panic overcame me, I leapt to my feet, but as soon as I was up they disappeared and pain overtook my body. I slumped against the side of the van, cringing in pain. The thirst started to consume me, but the thought of feeding disgusted me. I felt my legs buckle beneath me, I dropped faster than when I got up but instead of just falling to my knees my body collapsed and I fell awkwardly to the ground. And everything went black.

Role Play Session

I woke up in Father Marrows church lying on Bella’s lap on a couch, looking up Bella’s face stared back. She asked if I was okay, I managed to say something reassuring but I can’t remember what I said, I didn’t care, I just felt sick. My whole body felt week, my mind was racing and filled with images that were not my own. Terrible images dance through my head, I kept trying to focus on other things around the room, I tried to focus on other peoples conversations but I couldn’t. My mind kept filling up with images; before I knew it I the room was empty except for Father Marrow, I didn’t even feel Bella get up off the couch.

Father Marrow seemed to be looking at me concerned. I wanted to start up a conversation but my mind took over and before I knew it Bella was back in the room, dragging a bloody female corps into the room. The body started to moan and shriek, it was scared.

“Perfect!” Tina swiftly moved from the couch to the woman, ripping into her. The screaming warm blood oozed everywhere. Gleeful mouthfuls of blood and flesh went down Tina’s gullet. She smiled as the woman finally stopped wriggling and went limp.

There was blood and flesh all about the room, on the ceiling and all the walls, and a bloody shredded corps in my arms. What have I done? Disgust and grief overcame me, seeing the gore I had cased. The room started to spin and just before I fell unconscious I herd a twisted laugh and saw a piercing white grin.

When I awoke this time I was in the basement of the church. Slowly I got up and went up the stairs, there was Father Marrow mopping up the last of my mess. There were garbage bags full of soaked children’s drawings, carpet and couch pillows. I sat on the couch with no pillows and rubbed my hands in my eyes. Father Marrow asked how I was doing and all I could say was, I don’t know. He tried to say helpful things but my mind kept racing, how could I have done such a thing?

Eventually I received a text asking us to meet up here, in an hour, and then we would go off and see the prince. Feeling queasy in this room, I told Father Marrow I saw going out and left. I headed to the park where we were first turned and sat by that very tree when I first woke up as a vampire.

I started to retrace my steps backwards from that night. I walked through the woods until I reached the road. Here is where Lucas attacked me. Slowly flashes of the attack and pain entered my mind. But this time the pain was pleasurable, the defiance I gurgled out made me laugh. What a pathetic creature I was. Now I can inflict pain on others, now I have the power to destroy those who are a pathetic wasted of existence. I will never be a victim again.

What am I thinking, inflicting pain on others. I was a victim I do not want to create more victims; I don’t want to hurt people… I don’t want to feel this way anymore… I don’t want to feel period. My knees buckled and I fell to the ground, I held my head, it overflowed with conflicting thoughts. I didn’t know that to think any more. I just sat there in mental anguish until I saw Jack’s van pull up to the church.

Seeing Jack’s van pull up by the church I started to walk back over. When I got to the back door I could hear them talking about me. Edward said something that I will never forget; he called me “the female Lucas”. I wanted to turn and leave but just then Becky opened the door and crashed into me. She then immediately pulled me into the room, with no chance to escape. They mostly seemed relieved that I was okay but I saw another emotion screaming from their eyes.

Chatter broke out in the room and as it turns out no one made an appointment with the prince. So I called Alexander, basically he told me that the prince was expecting us at his place of business in town, and to tell the truth. I gave Jack the address; we all hopped into his van and headed off. We arrived at this nice looking skyscraper; inside was just as nice and respectable, hard to believe a vampire worked here. The receptionist was human but had an unnatural aura about her. We announced who we were and who we wanted to see and she sent us straight up, to the 18th floor out of a 20 story building. Once we arrived there were many different auras circling the room. There was another reception desk and this time the receptionist asked us why we were here. We told this one the same thing and she walked us to his office. There the prince and Maldonado were standing on the balcony attached to his office. He waved us onto the balcony.

I took a seat on one of the deck chairs and crouched forward resting my elbows on my knees. I didn’t know where to start but luckily the Prince started for us. He was happy to find out Lucas was dead and there was no concern at all about the fact that I devoured Lucas’s sole. This monster basically told me to do it and doesn’t care. He didn’t tell me that I would feel so terrible and that doing it would be so horrible. He told me none of the repercussions and yet he seems pleased that I did it. If I charge at him right now could I take him off the balcony? If I grab him and hold tight as we both go over could I kill him, with me? My muscles tensed, I got ready to pounce. Just then everyone stopped talking and we were free to go.

After we got off of the elevator, didn’t get back into the van with everyone else, I just kept walking.


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