Danse de la Mort

Part VII . . . . . . . . . . Played On: April 7th

Kill Lucas

Over the past few nights I have been searching the red light district for Lucas on my own, try to stretch out and feel him. I haven’t had any luck, the more I do it the more tiered I get, the more I want to feed, I haven’t done that in a while either. One other side note I did call Edward and tell him about the conversation Dox and Bella had, about her wanting him to wipe Edwards’s memory.

Edward, should I try and call him Ed or even try Ted, think he would mind a nick name like that? Hard to say he doesn’t seem like someone who would want a nick name, all the more reason to give him one, maybe!

March 16th

I awoke to a phone call; Alexander said that the Prince wanted to see us all at the church, ASAP. So I sent a text to everyone else and headed there myself. I really do need something to eat. Arriving at the church mass was still in session. I sat in the back row and just zoned out, trying to reach out and find Lucas again. Suddenly I smelt blood; the Prince slit his palm and let his blood drip into a cup, he then offered it to the congregation. A few got up and partook in the sacraments. I felt slightly tempted but decided against it. After mass, many of the vampires’ left blood offerings on their way out.

The Prince waved us forward and we all came closer, he then started to speak. Apparently he had found out that we were searching the red light district and wanted to know what we were doing there. We told him, we were looking for Lucas, my sire. He went on to say some other stuff, but my mind was elsewhere. We then all left together in Jack’s van and headed to the red light district. Except Bella, she stayed behind to talk with the Prince.

Once in the red light we found a saucy hooker who was willing to give us information for cash, she told us about a murder in an ally not far from here, she gave us directions and I headed off. She offered herself to us; Dox took her up on her offer. I was tempted, I felt hungry and tired, but she was just so young, it didn’t feel right. I went off in the direction of the ally she had told us about.

On our way I heard a screen come from an ally, I ran in that direction. Once upon the scene I saw a man beating a woman and charged. I pounce upon him and started to feed. I came to my senses in time to stop before I killed him. Once I stopped I could hear the woman’s screams, she was upset because this man was her husband. At this point Dox caught up to us, I got off of the man and grabbed Dox, make her forget this, make her think she left him and is better off for it, make her happy and go see her mother or something like that. After Dox did that we headed to the ally, Dox fell behind.

Once in the ally where the murder occurred I saw a blood stain on the wall. I touched it and reached out again. I felt the pain and terror of the woman murdered here. I felt the pleasure and joy felt by the attacker. The crimson grin. It was defiantly Lucas; I then felt a presence off in the distance. I stood up and looked in that direction, a creature passing the room. Pent up boredom, ready to explode, ready to find something to pleasure him. It felt so clear and real like I was stand next to him.

Dox showed up and said that Becky called and wanted us to all go meet her and Father Marrow. I said I was fine and wanted to keep looking, Edward offered to stay with me, I tried to let him know that I wanted to be alone but he stuck around anyway. After the others left I informed him that I wanted to feed and felt like doing this myself, seeing as paring up in the past didn’t seem to work well. He offered to help any way, I was so hungry that I really didn’t care so I figured we could give it a try and if it didn’t work I would have to ditch him.

We found this cute little café and Edward started playing his guitar to smoothen up the mood. It was quite pleasant; it even brightened up my mood. It was almost like magic because I was able to work the room and fill up with in no time at all. Once finished I looked over a Edward enjoying the sway of the music, until he caught my eye, I gave him a wink and headed for the door. Once outside I went to the ally next to it to wait for Edward.

Two men came around the corner and started to talk to me, I just tried to ignore them but the just kept pushing and then they drew a knife on me. I reached for his knife arm but he dogged and then the other man pulled a gun, he shot me. This time I grabbed his gun arm and broke it in two. He fell to the ground screaming, Edward came out and scared the other off. He started to interrogate the broken arm guy. But I didn’t listen; I was shot just below my right breast. It hurt like a son of a bitch, but she kind of liked it. At some point I came around and aggressively asked if the man new of a blond creepy guy named Lucas Gates. He blubbered no; I didn’t care anymore and headed off in the direction of my sire.

We showed up in front of this rundown apartment complex. And just down the road we saw the rest of the group. Bella, Dox and Jack’s Van, the good assumption was that Jack was there, just invisible. He was always there, and he was always invisible. Seeing them I just entered the building.

Dox went to talk with the men at the end of the hall, but I kept having this urge to go up. While Dox was away we agreed that Jack would go upstairs and search then call us up after he was done with each floor. He found something on the third flood, a room that was duct-taped and closed up. We broke in. There were corpse all in different levels of decomp, they were all old, he hasn’t been here in a while.

Since there was only one floor left we decided to go up together. On our way up we smelt gasoline, and there was Lucas grin and all, holding a lighter, he kicked a can it spilt more gas as it rolled down the stars right through our group. “Hello Lucas I am her to kill you.” He flicked the lighter and it sparked to life. Edward couldn’t take it and jumped out the window, it barely registered, my focus was on him, Lucas. Dox started to ask some questions about Sara, I didn’t’ care, Kill Lucas just kept throbbing in my mind. I think I managed to as why but I already knew the answer, he just wanted to make me his victim. Kill Lucas.

I lunged for him, as we grappled to the floor, the dropped the lighter. Kill Lucas. Dox and Bella got burnt, Dox freaked out and ran out the window, Bella mustard up her strength and ran through the flames to me. As I brawled with Lucas I managed to take out a few chunks of flesh and suck his blood. He retaliated and started to take chunks out of me. Kill Lucas. Eventually Bella jumped into the fray and even together we were unable to get the upper hand for long. Eventually Edward showed up from out of nowhere and jumped into the brawl after trying some kind of mind trick. Kill Lucas. Together they managed to hold him back as I sunk my teeth in.

I just kept sucking until his body went limp, Kill Lucas. I just kept sucking, I felt a strain on my body and mind, then I saw flashes of pain and torcher of many women, I felt joy and pleasure as I watched the women scream. Then horror came over me, pain and discussed, regret, I felt a fowl taste in my mouth and just wanted to die. I released my grip on Lucas’s corps as it turned to ash. I almost collapsed on the floor when, Bella half dragged me to the window and half threw me out of it. I manage to come around long enough to land solidly and catch Bella at the same time.

She hopped out of my arms grabbed my hand and we ran around to the front of the burning building, there was Dox, I vaguely heard sirens off in the distance.


Crimson_red Shardseeker

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