Danse de la Mort

Part VI . . . . . . . . . . Played On: March 31st 2014

Southern Serenade Part II

Sitting here all by myself I started to get bored, I smelt the blood in the glass Mr. Mathieson was drinking form, it didn’t smell human, it smelt like vampire blood! That’s kind of creepy. But it made me think of Lucas biting into my neck. Then the strange thought came into my head, if I stab myself will Lucas feel it? I sat down in a chair facing the study that they disappeared into. Waiting, thinking, I have so many questions, I need to know the answers.

After what seemed like forever they finally came out of the study, as soon as I saw Mr. Mathieson I asked, “If I stab myself in the leg with my sire feel it?” They looked at me strangely but Mathieson answered “If it is traumatic enough he will.”

“If I kill myself will he die?” Mathieson responded quickly, “No, knowing him he won’t even care. But I feel that we should go check out the commotion outside before we continue this conversation.”
“Do you know a Lucas Gates?” Mathieson responded quickly, “Yes, he was doing a few errands for me, but we really have to go outside and see what that commotion was.” Becky also commented on something similar but I didn’t care.
“I don’t care what they are doing, they always get into some kind of mischief. When did you see him last?”
“The last time I saw him was about a week ago, but really we have to go outside and see what they are up to.” Then they exited the room arm in arm. I followed them out, but I still have so many questions about Lucas.

When we got outside we saw James the servant and Edward at the servant’s quarters where we were told not to go. Mathieson inquired as to was going on and Edward retorted back quite upset about the deplorable conditions of the servant’s quarters. Kill Lucas. Mathieson and Edward just kept retorting back and forth and then Dox showed up coming from the barn, he commented on the fact that he saw another naked man running around but Mathieson didn’t seem to believe him. (Side Note: Tina doesn’t know this information. Dox made up that lie because they broke into the cellar door which led to Mathieson’s bed room and he wanted a plausible excuse as to the damage.) Mathieson seemed to be getting annoyed and asked if we all would go inside now and he also inquired as to if we were all here now. Bella informed him that there was one other, the driver but that she hadn’t seen him all night. Dox quickly stated that he must have been waiting in the car all night. I piped up; I still want to know about Lucas. Mathieson then closed his eyes for a second and then said “awh”, at which point Jack came running and screaming out of the house (apparently he had remained invisible the whole night) covered in bugs.

Mathieson then became extremely hostile and stated, if we wanted him to answer any more questions it was going to cost, he would take some of our blood, as a bonus he would give us one of his servants per blood point as well. Edward graciously offered up enough blood to have two question answered. He asked about Lucas for me, that was very sweat of him. Mathieson stated that Lucas could be found in the Red Light district in New Orleans where we have been living. He has been right under our noses the entire time. Dox kept asking questions and giving blood in the end he ended up with four servants. I was a little distracted to hear everything that was said but one name really stuck out in my mind Pearl Chastain, she would have been my sire but she backed out.

Mathieson looked at me wondering if I was going to offer my blood for a question. There was no way I was going to give him my blood, not in a blackmailing position like this. I then saw a predatory glint in his eye and realised that time was getting short we should either get going or stay over. Dox was the first to speak up, we should get going if we want to get back in time. Bella then asked if we could stay over and Mathieson was more than happy to have us. The men in our group all seemed to be skittish, because they did not want to stay. So me and Bella were the only ones to stay. The guys took their servants and everyone go into the van and left.

Slightly intimidated I followed then into the house, where I was quite surprised to find a pleasant conversation. I asked about Pearl, why did she back out from siring someone for Sarah, he was unsure but figured that it was probably that she was just too lazy or bored to do it. The only reason she was going for soon to be available prince-ship tittle was because Savoy is gunning for the job. I also asked about the bond that a sire and childer share, and how he could feel Becky when she was in trouble. He told us about how the bond between the two is very strong and if you focus you can sense the other. It was a pleasant few hours of conversation, then the couple wanted some alone time and James showed me to my room. I browsed around the room for a time and then when I was about to get ready for bed I heard a scream from the kitchen, I ran towards the scream.

I found Bella in the Kitchen covered in blood, the whole room was covered in blood. I graved her shoulders and asked if she was okay, if John attacked her, what happened. She managed to say she did it, just before the corps on the floor gurgled. It moved. Bella screamed, I freaked out, graved the soup pot and started bashing in its head. John came in and within seconds we were hurried out of the room, he went back in and everything went silent. We were sitting on the floor covered in blood, blood pooling around us and streaks of it coming from the kitchen door, when John walked out of it. “Wha . . . what was that?” I managed. He explained that every once and a while when a vampire kills a human after feeding off of it turns into a remnant, this is not a vampire or human it is a weaker creature, that is not wanted in our culture. I then asked if there was some place that we could clean up and he showed us to the bath room. I hoped straight into the shower close and all as soon as my close seems rinsed I took them off and put them in the sink. We filled the bath and soaked in the warm water. Bella fell asleep and I tried to stay awake but slipped into unconsciousness.

For the first time in since the night I was turned I didn’t dream of the attack. I didn’t really dream at all. When I awoke I was in bed wearing a night gown and I felt a little woozy, I think I was fed on during the night. Strangely enough I did not mind, why is that, maybe because seeing him last night after the guys left he just felt like a completely different person, he seemed nice. My clothes were on the end of the bed clean and freshly laundered. I got dressed and went out to see what everyone else was up to.

John and Bella were in the grand room where we met Mathieson for the first time. I went up to them and asked “Did you enjoy your breakfast?” He smiled and his response was in no way admitting to what I suspected he had done to me in the night. We had a bit of a chat and then it was time to go, Mathieson walked us to the car and we said our farewells. The last thing Mathieson said to me lead me to believe that he really did feed on me while I was sleeping, even though I can no longer remember what it was. As we were driving off we heard Mathieson playing the violin, it was perfect.

After some time of silence in the car we talked for a bit, I mentioned to here that if she ever wanted to come back up here and wanted company I would come. Then I asked what they had done together after I left them alone, Bella just hugged her knees, blushing she said “we kissed”. If it had been anyone else I would have asked oh really, but the way she was sitting there so sweet and innocent, I knew all they did was kiss.

After getting back to town we parted and I felt really hungry, so I spent the rest of the night hunting, then found a quiet place to rest by myself, I wanted the peaceful silence of yesterday again.


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