Danse de la Mort

Behind the Veil of the Nightmare II

A night of defeat and of resolve…

A night of defeat and of resolve…
The night in question, the night of insightful infamy occurred a few days after our visit to the Matheson estate. It was the night that destiny had appointed for us to find Lukas Gates.
Between our visit to the Matheson Estate and the night in question, Tina called me and described a call between Becky-Lynn and Dox, where Becky-Lynn made Dox swear to use his powers to make me forget everything, to wipe my memory clean. I hope that Dox remembers first our agreement to not use our abilities on each other. I will watch him carefully, but will not act, Becky-Lynn was emotional and it’s possible that Dox was merely trying to calm her. Whenever Dox used his powers on Becky-Lynn’s parents, he stared into their eyes, perhaps some kind of eye contact is required. Avoiding his gaze in a critical moment may save my mind.

After the group decided that tonight we were going to search for Lukas in earnest, I decided I would stick with Tina no matter what the night brought. It started with Tina’s rather direct style of questioning. We got a useful lead, the location of a recent violent attack. We went and investigated, but after our encounter with the street walker, Dox seemed ill at ease as if a mix of fear and frustration. I did not know why, but Dox was not my focus for the night and as long as Dox was off his game I would not have to worry much about his powers.

We found the ally where the attack took place, it was clearly a violent assault. Tina seemed to immerse herself in the area then suddenly like an epiphany she headed from the alley with clear intent, she must have sensed her sire. Soon though it was time for Dox and Jack to head out to meet with Becky-Lynn and Savoy back in the French Quarter. Tina needed to feed, I managed to convince her that she may have more success if we work together instead of separately. Despite some reluctance she acquiesced to my offer of assistance. We hit a local club and I lit up the ol’ axe and together we had our fill. Tina, for the first time had an easy feed without any, complications.

When Tina had her fill she headed to the door and with a nod of her head indicated it was time to go and she stepped outside. Similarly, I packed up and headed for the exit, I got outside just in time to see a pair of idiots going after Tina, she of course was more than capable of handling it by herself, but a rage rose from within me and I released the full power of my Terror upon one of the attackers. It was epic the nightmare filled him with terror and shattered his will, he told us everything we wanted to know. It seemed some drug dealers were holed up in the same area as Tina had sensed her sire so we made our way there. Tina and I seemed to make a good team together.

We arrived at the same time as the others, they must have found some other clues. We entered into the old dilapidated building, I was determined to do whatever it takes to help Tina, but I felt unprepared, I knew my power was not yet strong enough to defeat Lukas’ will. Dox went and talked with the dealers inside and arranged a buy, he went downstairs and returned a few minutes later. He was flying, having clearly found a way to consume some of the local delicacies. We then discussed how to proceed, Jack would go up a floor, investigate and return let us know what he found. We would move up until we found him. Jack made it to the third floor and returned indicating he had found something, a door taped shut. It seemed too obvious and I would have guessed that Lukas would have been on the fourth floor. We readied ourselves outside the taped door and bust in, we found Lukas’ trophy room, filled with the decomposing bodies of some of his recent activities. Immediately I knew we were in trouble, he was upstairs and he now likely knew we were coming. Instead of stopping and planning a new approach, we all traveled to the stairs.

We got there and found Lukas standing at the top of the stairs, the stairs that were now soaking wet with gasoline and Lukas was holding a lighter. I was consumed with the fear of being lit on fire, and once Lukas lit the lighter all I could see was the stair case ablaze in flame. I lost control and leapt out the window and started to make my way across the street when I had regained my composure. Dox and Jack were outside, Dox was trying to get a quick bite and Jack was trying to climb up the building to the 4th floor. I was failing Tina, she was up there with Lukas and I wasn’t there to help. I ran towards the building and tried with all my supernatural strength to leap up to the third floor. It was a total failure, I regrouped and tried again this time I landed on the fourth floor balcony.

I bust through the apartment and into the hallway, where I found Tina and Becky-Lynn lock in a deadly struggle with Lukas. I had always intended to break Lukas’ will by unleashing my Terror on him. I put all of my strength into unleashing the fear within him, but in his condition the nightmare would not hold. Tina and Becky needed help so I through myself into the fray. Together we defeated Lukas and his body went limp. In that moment, the moment I feared, Tina sank her teeth into him and bled him dry, as she began sucking I realized her intent to perform amaranth on him. I was terrified, not because of the act itself, but because as I understood it, a part of who Lukas was would join with Tina and she would hate herself for it, for the rest of her new life.

I heaved on Lukas’ body trying to break her grip on him, but Becky-Lynn helped her and I could not overcome their strength, but Lukas’ body was not so strong his body came apart and bust in to ash as I could see a change in Tina’s eyes as she consumed his soul. I had failed, I had failed Tina, I had failed myself.

That was my breaking point, I was ready to remain and let the flames consume me, but the beast within me pushed me to get up and get out. As I landed on the ground, it hit me, well… like falling four stories and hitting the pavement. If I want to be fearless I have to have nothing to lose. I have to be willing to lose it all, then I will be fearless, then I will become the Lord of Terror.


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