Danse de la Mort

Danse de la Mort III
Blood Money

The week between Mary’s Child and Fury:

Dox had found the note he had hastily scrawled down the night of his embrace, “Miss Opal can help.” He also stumbled upon the browser history of his laptop and the search he had done on a “Nathaniel Dubois.” With these two names he began his search a new.

In the person of Miss Opal he could find nothing, at least no electronic evidence, leaving him to believe he would have to turn to the Kindred for answers.

The search for Nathaniel Dubois was far more fruitful, revealing an active legal identity, and a history going back almost twenties littered with repeated financial highs and crashes, notably ending in the bankruptcy of “Dubois Designs” in the recent recession of 2002. Nathaniel still owns the domain name, despite the closure of his website, but tracking it back Dox was able to find an address.

Following the night of Fury:

Edward wakes to find his sire Andrea packing her few possessions. Asked what she is planning, Andrea explains that with the Prince and the rest of the city now believing her destroyed, remaining in the city only endangers Edward and the others. She shares what few details she remembers, gives him a cell number she could be reached at and tells Edward she is heading to New Iberia. With Edward unsure what to do now, Andrea encourages him to make a place for himself here in the city, and encourages him to find strength in numbers – his fellow neonates embraced a week ago.

Saying his farewells with Andrea, Edward joins the others at Corpus Christi, where he and Tina explain the fate of his sire. As related in the last session, the PCs are commended for rescuing Father Marrow, escaping the church successfully, and dealing with Andrea – even if none of it was ideally handled it was handled well enough – Prince Vidal allows the PCs to move freely around the city as long as it is in search of their sires, Sarah, and an explanation of their mass embrace. It is clarified that the PCs have permission to continue using the Tremé District, and Savoy is willing to extend that into the French Quarter if the PCs are careful.

After the meeting Edward manages to speak with Father Marrow alone to inquire about Andrea and the other sires, mostly learning what he or the others already new, but he did catch a reference to “that whore Dubois.” At the same time, Dox is able to arrange a meeting with Miss Opal through Antoine Savoy.

Seeing that the other three had left to go hunting or other tasks, Edward confronts Dox about Dominating him the night before. Dox is evasive about acknowledging any wrong doing on his part, but he does agree to set up a meeting at Didi’s Jazz Club tomorrow night with the rest of the group to share what everyone has discovered so far. Wanting to get a head start in his research Dox pressures Edward for what he knows, but finds himself fleeing Corpus Christi when Edward lashes out with Nightmare.

Edward, having dealt with the most pressing issues of the night heads out to do some hunting and to work on reinforcing the Tenement he’s using as a Haven. Jack, having been one of the earliest ones to leave, hops in his Van and starts prowling the streets.

Meanwhile the girls, Tina and Becky Lynn, both famished and still hurting from the night before go club hoping together. Both put in far more time than they had intended. Tina moved from prey to prey, savoring one lick after another, taking close to six hours and seven victims before he appetite was sated.

Becky Lynn’s efforts were much less successful, especially being unwilling to put herself out there and act the promiscuous party girl. After feeding on one boy, yet still hungry, Becky Lynn continues her hunt, but is largely frustrated in her efforts. To hesitant to put herself out there, she finds herself striking up a conversation with another girl timidly hovering nearby. As the night gets late this girl, Sally, asks Becky Lynn if she’d like to walk her to her car. A shy farewell kiss and Becky Lynn finds herself feeding on the most energizing and lively blood she has ever tasted, even after sating her hunger she could still feel Sally’s pulse beating strong. Both shocked and pleased by the experience, timidly decide to swap numbers. Having misplaced her own cell, Becky Lynn gives Tina’s number instead.
. . .

Danse de la Mort II

Edward joins the group in hopes of saving his sire.

Part VIII . . . . . . . . . . Played On: June ?????????????/
The Initiation : Part Two

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Part VIII . . . . . . . . . . Played On: May 20th 2014
The Initiation : Part One

Friday May the 16th 2004

Today I received a very formal invitation, inviting me to go to a special ceremony welcoming us into the Vampire world. I don’t know if this is something that I want to go to but not showing up would be rude especially being one of the guests of honor. Being in a room with many Vampires just doesn’t seem like a good idea. What if I can’t control myself, what if something happens? Just then Edward came into Father Marrow’s church to talk to him. He seemed surprised to see me here, seeing as I had not talked to him or anyone but Bella in a month I am not surprised that no one knew I was staying here. We spoke our pleasantries but it seemed awkward and a bit painful to talk to him. I wish he didn’t know what happened everything would be easier that way. He also received the same invitation and was going, and I have a feeling that Bella and Dox would not miss this event for the world. So I might as well go too.

Saturday May the 17th 2004
When I woke up today I felt a little piece of Lucas slip away, my mind was more clear than it had been in weeks. For the life of me I could not figure out why.

Sunday May the 18th 2004
Today I woke up half starved, I have to stop doing this to myself, I need to feed more often or I am going to frenzy again. I got up and went out waving by to Father Marrow as I left, he was always up before me and I was always down before him. It sometimes made me wonder if he ever sleeps, I also wonder when he finds time to hunt.

I went to the red light district, and found some unsuspecting Jon’s. One broke off from the pack so I pounce and over powered him from behind took a little bit from him and left him there unconscious. I was about to look for another when I realised the time. I better get over to the church or else I would be late.

When I arrived the Princes servant El Bare or something informed us that we should feed before entering so I tried to find some isolated pray but I was unsuccessful. So I headed back to the waiting room. Everyone was there just hanging about the room, El Bar then asked us to line up single file and head out and sit in the front pew.

Entering the room I had to control my inner beast, the smell of so many powerful vampires brought a chill to my spine. If this is a trap we are all dead.

I sat next to Bella and tried to listen to the Prince as he spoke but to be honest I found it quite boring and felt quite drowsy until he motioned for Bella to come forward. My body tensed and I prepared myself to attack if I needed to come to her aid. The Price said asked her to join his order and she accepted, he put a bloody cross on her forehead and the she sat back down next to me. He then motioned me to come forward. I came up and the entire time I was walking up to him I was trying to remember how to refuse communion when in a Catholic Church because I wanted to do this respectfully. I wasn’t ready to vow to do something right now and if I am really immortal I have all of eternity to decide whether or not to join. So when he asked me I said “I respectfully refuse to join at this time.” He seemed really disappointed and remarked on something like my sole is dammed or something; I was quite take back by his remark, and slightly offended. Then I went back and sat by Bella, ‘Dam, cross your arms over your heart, that’s how you refuse communion in a catholic church.’

Dox went up a kneeled in front of the Prince … AND DIED.
Well that would be the easy way to say what happened but the details seem to be important, so here is what happened. Dox kneeled in front of the Prince and when asked if he wanted to join Dox said yes. Then a creepy guy standing near the prince who HAD NO EYES screamed “lire” and then pointed at Dox while doing some weird stuff. Then when Dox tried to speak things started to come out his mouth. Then Price then started shouting and was very upset. He then demanded that Dox stand and turn around. Dox said no and started to walk away when the Prince used a very demanding voice on Dox and commanded him to stand and face the on lookers and accept his punishment for lying. Dox just surged it off and stared walking towards the door.

The Prince was pissed, and screams “hold him”. Then all at once the people standing off to the side started to move towards Dox, instinct kicked in and I jumped to Dox’s aid. But before I knew it I was up against a wall, pain screeching across my whole body. There was Maldonado pining me against the wall. I could not just stand there so I took a swing at him while trying to get away. I managed to hit him but he just smacked me hard and held my head in a crushing grip. I could no longer move I was stuck and helpless as I watched them whip my friend. Pain tingled throughout my body and I felt Lucas fade a little inside me.

After they stopped whipping Dox they helped him to his seat, they just continued the ceremony as if nothing happened. Maldonado then dropped me; I just knelt there in pain. Maldonado is such an ass; I am going to be the one to kill him someday.

The ceremony ended uneventfully after that, Edward also rejected entering their coven. And we all got a ride to the after party. This is where things get a little fuzzy. I remember showing up and being introduced to this tiny little man, who told us that this was a safe zone where no one is allowed to harm another vampire. I remember finding that kind of interesting but now I don’t know why. Then we were shown something to drink. There were people just standing there for us to feed off of! I decided to drink for someone who was intoxicated and then that is where things start to get confusing. I remember dancing first with Dox’s girlfriend and then with oh oh I dances with Alexander, it was so fun. I also remember Dox dyeing and cyring and calling Alexander but that doesn’t really make sense because I remember seeing him at the end of the night, when I was running after someone. What happened?

I woke up the next night back in the basement of father Marrows church, I both felt and looked like shit. I must of token a real beating last night.

Part VII . . . . . . . . . . Side Story
Tina's Month Alone


Part VII continued. . . . . . . Played On: May 8th
Kill Lucas ... Play by Post & Rap-up

Play by post

He’s Dead!
Bella half dragged me to the window and half threw me out of it. I manage to come around long enough to land solidly and catch Bella at the same time. She hopped out of my arms grabbed my hand and we ran around to the front of the building, there was Dox, I vaguely herd sirens off in the distance.

I just followed Bella, got into the back of the van and sat down, laying my head on my knees, I closed my eyes, my head hurt like nothing I have ever felt before. My whole body ached, I tried to heal but I only managed a little. I need to feed if I am going to heal completely. My body ached but I just didn’t care, my mind kept floating back to the brawl, my mind started to fill up with rage… but then I herd this strangely pleasant tune coming from a guitar, I couldn’t raise my head but I felt that it was probably Edward, it made me want to sleep, it took everything I had to stay awake.

Edward put on a bit of a speech but his last words are what really stood out to me, “I am done being a pawn in her game, I am done being afraid of her, Lukas, the Prince, even Matheson, but I don’t know how I’ll get over my fear of losing all of you…”

Hearing Edwards word I lifted my head and looked him in the eye. “I don’t want to be a pawn anymore either.” I tried to hold back all the emotions coursing through me but I’m unsure as to what he saw in me, the rage of being manipulated into this situation, the physical pain, the mental anguish, the sorrow for what I had done, everything just kept bubbling to the top and I didn’t know what to feel. “I want to get some control, I want more knowledge.” Not able to hold back any more I put my head back on my knees and felt the tears well up. “I don’t want to lose you guys either.” I did my best to talk without letting them hear the pain in my voice, but I really didn’t care anymore, I just sat there hugging my legs, quietly sobbing into my knees.

Arms gently wrapped around me, murmuring voices in the background welcoming sleep. Slowly in the black of my mind flashes of victims danced, gleeful ecstasy. I lifted my head immediately looking at the wall of the van, blinking my eyes repeatedly to try and get those offal images out of my head. But they started to appear on the wall of the van, silhouetted figures cringing in pain. Panic overcame me, I leapt to my feet, but as soon as I was up they disappeared and pain overtook my body. I slumped against the side of the van, cringing in pain. The thirst started to consume me, but the thought of feeding disgusted me. I felt my legs buckle beneath me, I dropped faster than when I got up but instead of just falling to my knees my body collapsed and I fell awkwardly to the ground. And everything went black.

Role Play Session

I woke up in Father Marrows church lying on Bella’s lap on a couch, looking up Bella’s face stared back. She asked if I was okay, I managed to say something reassuring but I can’t remember what I said, I didn’t care, I just felt sick. My whole body felt week, my mind was racing and filled with images that were not my own. Terrible images dance through my head, I kept trying to focus on other things around the room, I tried to focus on other peoples conversations but I couldn’t. My mind kept filling up with images; before I knew it I the room was empty except for Father Marrow, I didn’t even feel Bella get up off the couch.

Father Marrow seemed to be looking at me concerned. I wanted to start up a conversation but my mind took over and before I knew it Bella was back in the room, dragging a bloody female corps into the room. The body started to moan and shriek, it was scared.

“Perfect!” Tina swiftly moved from the couch to the woman, ripping into her. The screaming warm blood oozed everywhere. Gleeful mouthfuls of blood and flesh went down Tina’s gullet. She smiled as the woman finally stopped wriggling and went limp.

There was blood and flesh all about the room, on the ceiling and all the walls, and a bloody shredded corps in my arms. What have I done? Disgust and grief overcame me, seeing the gore I had cased. The room started to spin and just before I fell unconscious I herd a twisted laugh and saw a piercing white grin.

When I awoke this time I was in the basement of the church. Slowly I got up and went up the stairs, there was Father Marrow mopping up the last of my mess. There were garbage bags full of soaked children’s drawings, carpet and couch pillows. I sat on the couch with no pillows and rubbed my hands in my eyes. Father Marrow asked how I was doing and all I could say was, I don’t know. He tried to say helpful things but my mind kept racing, how could I have done such a thing?

Eventually I received a text asking us to meet up here, in an hour, and then we would go off and see the prince. Feeling queasy in this room, I told Father Marrow I saw going out and left. I headed to the park where we were first turned and sat by that very tree when I first woke up as a vampire.

I started to retrace my steps backwards from that night. I walked through the woods until I reached the road. Here is where Lucas attacked me. Slowly flashes of the attack and pain entered my mind. But this time the pain was pleasurable, the defiance I gurgled out made me laugh. What a pathetic creature I was. Now I can inflict pain on others, now I have the power to destroy those who are a pathetic wasted of existence. I will never be a victim again.

What am I thinking, inflicting pain on others. I was a victim I do not want to create more victims; I don’t want to hurt people… I don’t want to feel this way anymore… I don’t want to feel period. My knees buckled and I fell to the ground, I held my head, it overflowed with conflicting thoughts. I didn’t know that to think any more. I just sat there in mental anguish until I saw Jack’s van pull up to the church.

Seeing Jack’s van pull up by the church I started to walk back over. When I got to the back door I could hear them talking about me. Edward said something that I will never forget; he called me “the female Lucas”. I wanted to turn and leave but just then Becky opened the door and crashed into me. She then immediately pulled me into the room, with no chance to escape. They mostly seemed relieved that I was okay but I saw another emotion screaming from their eyes.

Chatter broke out in the room and as it turns out no one made an appointment with the prince. So I called Alexander, basically he told me that the prince was expecting us at his place of business in town, and to tell the truth. I gave Jack the address; we all hopped into his van and headed off. We arrived at this nice looking skyscraper; inside was just as nice and respectable, hard to believe a vampire worked here. The receptionist was human but had an unnatural aura about her. We announced who we were and who we wanted to see and she sent us straight up, to the 18th floor out of a 20 story building. Once we arrived there were many different auras circling the room. There was another reception desk and this time the receptionist asked us why we were here. We told this one the same thing and she walked us to his office. There the prince and Maldonado were standing on the balcony attached to his office. He waved us onto the balcony.

I took a seat on one of the deck chairs and crouched forward resting my elbows on my knees. I didn’t know where to start but luckily the Prince started for us. He was happy to find out Lucas was dead and there was no concern at all about the fact that I devoured Lucas’s sole. This monster basically told me to do it and doesn’t care. He didn’t tell me that I would feel so terrible and that doing it would be so horrible. He told me none of the repercussions and yet he seems pleased that I did it. If I charge at him right now could I take him off the balcony? If I grab him and hold tight as we both go over could I kill him, with me? My muscles tensed, I got ready to pounce. Just then everyone stopped talking and we were free to go.

After we got off of the elevator, didn’t get back into the van with everyone else, I just kept walking.

Part VII . . . . . . . . . . Played On: April 7th
Kill Lucas

Over the past few nights I have been searching the red light district for Lucas on my own, try to stretch out and feel him. I haven’t had any luck, the more I do it the more tiered I get, the more I want to feed, I haven’t done that in a while either. One other side note I did call Edward and tell him about the conversation Dox and Bella had, about her wanting him to wipe Edwards’s memory.

Edward, should I try and call him Ed or even try Ted, think he would mind a nick name like that? Hard to say he doesn’t seem like someone who would want a nick name, all the more reason to give him one, maybe!

March 16th

I awoke to a phone call; Alexander said that the Prince wanted to see us all at the church, ASAP. So I sent a text to everyone else and headed there myself. I really do need something to eat. Arriving at the church mass was still in session. I sat in the back row and just zoned out, trying to reach out and find Lucas again. Suddenly I smelt blood; the Prince slit his palm and let his blood drip into a cup, he then offered it to the congregation. A few got up and partook in the sacraments. I felt slightly tempted but decided against it. After mass, many of the vampires’ left blood offerings on their way out.

The Prince waved us forward and we all came closer, he then started to speak. Apparently he had found out that we were searching the red light district and wanted to know what we were doing there. We told him, we were looking for Lucas, my sire. He went on to say some other stuff, but my mind was elsewhere. We then all left together in Jack’s van and headed to the red light district. Except Bella, she stayed behind to talk with the Prince.

Once in the red light we found a saucy hooker who was willing to give us information for cash, she told us about a murder in an ally not far from here, she gave us directions and I headed off. She offered herself to us; Dox took her up on her offer. I was tempted, I felt hungry and tired, but she was just so young, it didn’t feel right. I went off in the direction of the ally she had told us about.

On our way I heard a screen come from an ally, I ran in that direction. Once upon the scene I saw a man beating a woman and charged. I pounce upon him and started to feed. I came to my senses in time to stop before I killed him. Once I stopped I could hear the woman’s screams, she was upset because this man was her husband. At this point Dox caught up to us, I got off of the man and grabbed Dox, make her forget this, make her think she left him and is better off for it, make her happy and go see her mother or something like that. After Dox did that we headed to the ally, Dox fell behind.

Once in the ally where the murder occurred I saw a blood stain on the wall. I touched it and reached out again. I felt the pain and terror of the woman murdered here. I felt the pleasure and joy felt by the attacker. The crimson grin. It was defiantly Lucas; I then felt a presence off in the distance. I stood up and looked in that direction, a creature passing the room. Pent up boredom, ready to explode, ready to find something to pleasure him. It felt so clear and real like I was stand next to him.

Dox showed up and said that Becky called and wanted us to all go meet her and Father Marrow. I said I was fine and wanted to keep looking, Edward offered to stay with me, I tried to let him know that I wanted to be alone but he stuck around anyway. After the others left I informed him that I wanted to feed and felt like doing this myself, seeing as paring up in the past didn’t seem to work well. He offered to help any way, I was so hungry that I really didn’t care so I figured we could give it a try and if it didn’t work I would have to ditch him.

We found this cute little café and Edward started playing his guitar to smoothen up the mood. It was quite pleasant; it even brightened up my mood. It was almost like magic because I was able to work the room and fill up with in no time at all. Once finished I looked over a Edward enjoying the sway of the music, until he caught my eye, I gave him a wink and headed for the door. Once outside I went to the ally next to it to wait for Edward.

Two men came around the corner and started to talk to me, I just tried to ignore them but the just kept pushing and then they drew a knife on me. I reached for his knife arm but he dogged and then the other man pulled a gun, he shot me. This time I grabbed his gun arm and broke it in two. He fell to the ground screaming, Edward came out and scared the other off. He started to interrogate the broken arm guy. But I didn’t listen; I was shot just below my right breast. It hurt like a son of a bitch, but she kind of liked it. At some point I came around and aggressively asked if the man new of a blond creepy guy named Lucas Gates. He blubbered no; I didn’t care anymore and headed off in the direction of my sire.

We showed up in front of this rundown apartment complex. And just down the road we saw the rest of the group. Bella, Dox and Jack’s Van, the good assumption was that Jack was there, just invisible. He was always there, and he was always invisible. Seeing them I just entered the building.

Dox went to talk with the men at the end of the hall, but I kept having this urge to go up. While Dox was away we agreed that Jack would go upstairs and search then call us up after he was done with each floor. He found something on the third flood, a room that was duct-taped and closed up. We broke in. There were corpse all in different levels of decomp, they were all old, he hasn’t been here in a while.

Since there was only one floor left we decided to go up together. On our way up we smelt gasoline, and there was Lucas grin and all, holding a lighter, he kicked a can it spilt more gas as it rolled down the stars right through our group. “Hello Lucas I am her to kill you.” He flicked the lighter and it sparked to life. Edward couldn’t take it and jumped out the window, it barely registered, my focus was on him, Lucas. Dox started to ask some questions about Sara, I didn’t’ care, Kill Lucas just kept throbbing in my mind. I think I managed to as why but I already knew the answer, he just wanted to make me his victim. Kill Lucas.

I lunged for him, as we grappled to the floor, the dropped the lighter. Kill Lucas. Dox and Bella got burnt, Dox freaked out and ran out the window, Bella mustard up her strength and ran through the flames to me. As I brawled with Lucas I managed to take out a few chunks of flesh and suck his blood. He retaliated and started to take chunks out of me. Kill Lucas. Eventually Bella jumped into the fray and even together we were unable to get the upper hand for long. Eventually Edward showed up from out of nowhere and jumped into the brawl after trying some kind of mind trick. Kill Lucas. Together they managed to hold him back as I sunk my teeth in.

I just kept sucking until his body went limp, Kill Lucas. I just kept sucking, I felt a strain on my body and mind, then I saw flashes of pain and torcher of many women, I felt joy and pleasure as I watched the women scream. Then horror came over me, pain and discussed, regret, I felt a fowl taste in my mouth and just wanted to die. I released my grip on Lucas’s corps as it turned to ash. I almost collapsed on the floor when, Bella half dragged me to the window and half threw me out of it. I manage to come around long enough to land solidly and catch Bella at the same time.

She hopped out of my arms grabbed my hand and we ran around to the front of the burning building, there was Dox, I vaguely heard sirens off in the distance.

Part VI . . . . . . . . . . Played On: March 31st 2014
Southern Serenade Part II

Sitting here all by myself I started to get bored, I smelt the blood in the glass Mr. Mathieson was drinking form, it didn’t smell human, it smelt like vampire blood! That’s kind of creepy. But it made me think of Lucas biting into my neck. Then the strange thought came into my head, if I stab myself will Lucas feel it? I sat down in a chair facing the study that they disappeared into. Waiting, thinking, I have so many questions, I need to know the answers.

After what seemed like forever they finally came out of the study, as soon as I saw Mr. Mathieson I asked, “If I stab myself in the leg with my sire feel it?” They looked at me strangely but Mathieson answered “If it is traumatic enough he will.”

“If I kill myself will he die?” Mathieson responded quickly, “No, knowing him he won’t even care. But I feel that we should go check out the commotion outside before we continue this conversation.”
“Do you know a Lucas Gates?” Mathieson responded quickly, “Yes, he was doing a few errands for me, but we really have to go outside and see what that commotion was.” Becky also commented on something similar but I didn’t care.
“I don’t care what they are doing, they always get into some kind of mischief. When did you see him last?”
“The last time I saw him was about a week ago, but really we have to go outside and see what they are up to.” Then they exited the room arm in arm. I followed them out, but I still have so many questions about Lucas.

When we got outside we saw James the servant and Edward at the servant’s quarters where we were told not to go. Mathieson inquired as to was going on and Edward retorted back quite upset about the deplorable conditions of the servant’s quarters. Kill Lucas. Mathieson and Edward just kept retorting back and forth and then Dox showed up coming from the barn, he commented on the fact that he saw another naked man running around but Mathieson didn’t seem to believe him. (Side Note: Tina doesn’t know this information. Dox made up that lie because they broke into the cellar door which led to Mathieson’s bed room and he wanted a plausible excuse as to the damage.) Mathieson seemed to be getting annoyed and asked if we all would go inside now and he also inquired as to if we were all here now. Bella informed him that there was one other, the driver but that she hadn’t seen him all night. Dox quickly stated that he must have been waiting in the car all night. I piped up; I still want to know about Lucas. Mathieson then closed his eyes for a second and then said “awh”, at which point Jack came running and screaming out of the house (apparently he had remained invisible the whole night) covered in bugs.

Mathieson then became extremely hostile and stated, if we wanted him to answer any more questions it was going to cost, he would take some of our blood, as a bonus he would give us one of his servants per blood point as well. Edward graciously offered up enough blood to have two question answered. He asked about Lucas for me, that was very sweat of him. Mathieson stated that Lucas could be found in the Red Light district in New Orleans where we have been living. He has been right under our noses the entire time. Dox kept asking questions and giving blood in the end he ended up with four servants. I was a little distracted to hear everything that was said but one name really stuck out in my mind Pearl Chastain, she would have been my sire but she backed out.

Mathieson looked at me wondering if I was going to offer my blood for a question. There was no way I was going to give him my blood, not in a blackmailing position like this. I then saw a predatory glint in his eye and realised that time was getting short we should either get going or stay over. Dox was the first to speak up, we should get going if we want to get back in time. Bella then asked if we could stay over and Mathieson was more than happy to have us. The men in our group all seemed to be skittish, because they did not want to stay. So me and Bella were the only ones to stay. The guys took their servants and everyone go into the van and left.

Slightly intimidated I followed then into the house, where I was quite surprised to find a pleasant conversation. I asked about Pearl, why did she back out from siring someone for Sarah, he was unsure but figured that it was probably that she was just too lazy or bored to do it. The only reason she was going for soon to be available prince-ship tittle was because Savoy is gunning for the job. I also asked about the bond that a sire and childer share, and how he could feel Becky when she was in trouble. He told us about how the bond between the two is very strong and if you focus you can sense the other. It was a pleasant few hours of conversation, then the couple wanted some alone time and James showed me to my room. I browsed around the room for a time and then when I was about to get ready for bed I heard a scream from the kitchen, I ran towards the scream.

I found Bella in the Kitchen covered in blood, the whole room was covered in blood. I graved her shoulders and asked if she was okay, if John attacked her, what happened. She managed to say she did it, just before the corps on the floor gurgled. It moved. Bella screamed, I freaked out, graved the soup pot and started bashing in its head. John came in and within seconds we were hurried out of the room, he went back in and everything went silent. We were sitting on the floor covered in blood, blood pooling around us and streaks of it coming from the kitchen door, when John walked out of it. “Wha . . . what was that?” I managed. He explained that every once and a while when a vampire kills a human after feeding off of it turns into a remnant, this is not a vampire or human it is a weaker creature, that is not wanted in our culture. I then asked if there was some place that we could clean up and he showed us to the bath room. I hoped straight into the shower close and all as soon as my close seems rinsed I took them off and put them in the sink. We filled the bath and soaked in the warm water. Bella fell asleep and I tried to stay awake but slipped into unconsciousness.

For the first time in since the night I was turned I didn’t dream of the attack. I didn’t really dream at all. When I awoke I was in bed wearing a night gown and I felt a little woozy, I think I was fed on during the night. Strangely enough I did not mind, why is that, maybe because seeing him last night after the guys left he just felt like a completely different person, he seemed nice. My clothes were on the end of the bed clean and freshly laundered. I got dressed and went out to see what everyone else was up to.

John and Bella were in the grand room where we met Mathieson for the first time. I went up to them and asked “Did you enjoy your breakfast?” He smiled and his response was in no way admitting to what I suspected he had done to me in the night. We had a bit of a chat and then it was time to go, Mathieson walked us to the car and we said our farewells. The last thing Mathieson said to me lead me to believe that he really did feed on me while I was sleeping, even though I can no longer remember what it was. As we were driving off we heard Mathieson playing the violin, it was perfect.

After some time of silence in the car we talked for a bit, I mentioned to here that if she ever wanted to come back up here and wanted company I would come. Then I asked what they had done together after I left them alone, Bella just hugged her knees, blushing she said “we kissed”. If it had been anyone else I would have asked oh really, but the way she was sitting there so sweet and innocent, I knew all they did was kiss.

After getting back to town we parted and I felt really hungry, so I spent the rest of the night hunting, then found a quiet place to rest by myself, I wanted the peaceful silence of yesterday again.


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