Tina Baker

She's a girl who enjoys a good time. But not afraid to fight back.


Tina is a slender girl with shoulder length black hair and blue/green eyes, she has slightly striking looks.
She likes to wear a light coloured tank-top with a purple ankle length skirt. She also carries around a baggy purse and has a dark sweater jacket for the cold nights.


Tina is sporty, athletic, and a social-light who enjoys a good time, she is a bit of a bar fly who enjoys going to clubs.
However, don’t get on her bad side because she is not afraid to fight back, or come to the aid of others. She has take many self-defense classes. But might there be a reason stemming from her past.

She was brought into the world of the undead through violence and slowly her mind is being overwhelmed by the phrase “Kill Lucas”. Will her mortal death be the cause of her immortal one.

Tina Baker

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