Sarah Cobbler

The Architect of your deaths


What you think you know:

  • You suspect that she is a Mekhet (Nathaniel), and a member of a most dangerous bloodline (John Harley).
  • She has a childe or sire in New Orleans (John Harley).
  • Your deaths were the result of some sort of experiment she was conducting (Andrea).
  • She maintains contact and influence among the city’s elite and powerful (John Harley, Sarah).
  • She is connected to a Kindred that is known a Mezzo (Internet).

Relationship with your sires:

  • She blackmailed Mary
  • She met Andrea Oulette through their mutual membership in the Ordo Dracul.
  • She paid Nathaniel Dubois $50,000.
  • Having known John Harley Matheson for decades, she offered to help him adapt to the times by giving him James Kelvin and introducing him to Nathaniel Dubois.

Sarah Cobbler

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