Dox (Louis Maddox)

A cyber rebel without a cause, at least until his death unlocked a new world of possibility.


Skinny, tall and white as snow even before his embrace, Dox has watched and read one too many Science Fiction novels and has taken them to heart. Always wearing his black trench coat, and cyberpunk inspired suit beneath it, Dox’s appearance is unmistakably inspired by sources like the Matrix. Even in the darkest of locals his cool shades are on, his sleek black hair precisely styled. Despite putting such great efforts into his appearance Dox hardly every leaves his apartment, a hacker’s wet dream, computers, servers, and cables upon cables littering the space. It may appear like a chaotic mess but everything in Dox’s apartment is intentionally placed. On the outside a cool uncaring rebel, on the inside a knowledge and power hungry scholar waiting for the right moment.


The school years were a tough time for Dox, especially since it was a time when geeky smart guys were uncool and a target of bullying. A dark resentment for the world grew inside him and he took solstices in computers becoming a self declared Hacker, and a pretty darn good one at that. He kept to himself and after graduating with honors he eventually bought himself an apartment in New Orleans and began to make a decent living as a Hacker and occasionally as a legitimate computer programmer, not unlike his idol. He aspired to greater things but harsh reality kept him grounded in his place, that was until his death. In the world of darkness, with a little effort, he could become powerful, maybe even become as important as a Prince.

Dox (Louis Maddox)

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