Becky Lynn Adler

A true Southern Belle, with a vicious beast lurking just beneath the surface.


Becky Lynn is beautiful and delicate. She appears to be in her late teens, with soft blond hair, flawless pale skin, and deep brown eyes. She often dresses formally and at the height of fashion.


Hello. My name is Becky Lynn Adler. All my life, I have been a true Southern Belle. I was pride and joy of the large and very influential Alder family. I have always displayed good manners, been a gracious guest, a generous hostess, and always made a great first impression. Everyone considered me to be beautiful and delicate; the epitome of sophistication, social grace, and cultured beauty. I was schooled at home, attended the most extravagant parties, and received everything that I ever wanted. I was even courted by two respectable young gentlemen vying for my hand in marriage. But this is not the story of my life. Sadly, I died one fateful night, in the French Quarter of New Orleans on Mardis Gras. Nope, you see, this story is about the monster that walked away in Becky Lynn’s corpse that night. A creature that retains all her memories, her hopes and dreams, and even her fears and nightmares. A demon of perfect porcelain skin, a flirtatious yet chaste smile, and a savage beast lurking beneath the surface.

This is the story of the vampire once known as Becky Lynn Adler.

This is my story.

Becky Lynn Adler

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