Danse de la Mort

Part VIII . . . . . . . . . . Played On: May 20th 2014

The Initiation : Part One

Friday May the 16th 2004

Today I received a very formal invitation, inviting me to go to a special ceremony welcoming us into the Vampire world. I don’t know if this is something that I want to go to but not showing up would be rude especially being one of the guests of honor. Being in a room with many Vampires just doesn’t seem like a good idea. What if I can’t control myself, what if something happens? Just then Edward came into Father Marrow’s church to talk to him. He seemed surprised to see me here, seeing as I had not talked to him or anyone but Bella in a month I am not surprised that no one knew I was staying here. We spoke our pleasantries but it seemed awkward and a bit painful to talk to him. I wish he didn’t know what happened everything would be easier that way. He also received the same invitation and was going, and I have a feeling that Bella and Dox would not miss this event for the world. So I might as well go too.

Saturday May the 17th 2004
When I woke up today I felt a little piece of Lucas slip away, my mind was more clear than it had been in weeks. For the life of me I could not figure out why.

Sunday May the 18th 2004
Today I woke up half starved, I have to stop doing this to myself, I need to feed more often or I am going to frenzy again. I got up and went out waving by to Father Marrow as I left, he was always up before me and I was always down before him. It sometimes made me wonder if he ever sleeps, I also wonder when he finds time to hunt.

I went to the red light district, and found some unsuspecting Jon’s. One broke off from the pack so I pounce and over powered him from behind took a little bit from him and left him there unconscious. I was about to look for another when I realised the time. I better get over to the church or else I would be late.

When I arrived the Princes servant El Bare or something informed us that we should feed before entering so I tried to find some isolated pray but I was unsuccessful. So I headed back to the waiting room. Everyone was there just hanging about the room, El Bar then asked us to line up single file and head out and sit in the front pew.

Entering the room I had to control my inner beast, the smell of so many powerful vampires brought a chill to my spine. If this is a trap we are all dead.

I sat next to Bella and tried to listen to the Prince as he spoke but to be honest I found it quite boring and felt quite drowsy until he motioned for Bella to come forward. My body tensed and I prepared myself to attack if I needed to come to her aid. The Price said asked her to join his order and she accepted, he put a bloody cross on her forehead and the she sat back down next to me. He then motioned me to come forward. I came up and the entire time I was walking up to him I was trying to remember how to refuse communion when in a Catholic Church because I wanted to do this respectfully. I wasn’t ready to vow to do something right now and if I am really immortal I have all of eternity to decide whether or not to join. So when he asked me I said “I respectfully refuse to join at this time.” He seemed really disappointed and remarked on something like my sole is dammed or something; I was quite take back by his remark, and slightly offended. Then I went back and sat by Bella, ‘Dam, cross your arms over your heart, that’s how you refuse communion in a catholic church.’

Dox went up a kneeled in front of the Prince … AND DIED.
Well that would be the easy way to say what happened but the details seem to be important, so here is what happened. Dox kneeled in front of the Prince and when asked if he wanted to join Dox said yes. Then a creepy guy standing near the prince who HAD NO EYES screamed “lire” and then pointed at Dox while doing some weird stuff. Then when Dox tried to speak things started to come out his mouth. Then Price then started shouting and was very upset. He then demanded that Dox stand and turn around. Dox said no and started to walk away when the Prince used a very demanding voice on Dox and commanded him to stand and face the on lookers and accept his punishment for lying. Dox just surged it off and stared walking towards the door.

The Prince was pissed, and screams “hold him”. Then all at once the people standing off to the side started to move towards Dox, instinct kicked in and I jumped to Dox’s aid. But before I knew it I was up against a wall, pain screeching across my whole body. There was Maldonado pining me against the wall. I could not just stand there so I took a swing at him while trying to get away. I managed to hit him but he just smacked me hard and held my head in a crushing grip. I could no longer move I was stuck and helpless as I watched them whip my friend. Pain tingled throughout my body and I felt Lucas fade a little inside me.

After they stopped whipping Dox they helped him to his seat, they just continued the ceremony as if nothing happened. Maldonado then dropped me; I just knelt there in pain. Maldonado is such an ass; I am going to be the one to kill him someday.

The ceremony ended uneventfully after that, Edward also rejected entering their coven. And we all got a ride to the after party. This is where things get a little fuzzy. I remember showing up and being introduced to this tiny little man, who told us that this was a safe zone where no one is allowed to harm another vampire. I remember finding that kind of interesting but now I don’t know why. Then we were shown something to drink. There were people just standing there for us to feed off of! I decided to drink for someone who was intoxicated and then that is where things start to get confusing. I remember dancing first with Dox’s girlfriend and then with oh oh I dances with Alexander, it was so fun. I also remember Dox dyeing and cyring and calling Alexander but that doesn’t really make sense because I remember seeing him at the end of the night, when I was running after someone. What happened?

I woke up the next night back in the basement of father Marrows church, I both felt and looked like shit. I must of token a real beating last night.


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