Danse de la Mort

The week between Mary’s Child and Fury:

Dox had found the note he had hastily scrawled down the night of his embrace, “Miss Opal can help.” He also stumbled upon the browser history of his laptop and the search he had done on a “Nathaniel Dubois.” With these two names he began his search a new.

In the person of Miss Opal he could find nothing, at least no electronic evidence, leaving him to believe he would have to turn to the Kindred for answers.

The search for Nathaniel Dubois was far more fruitful, revealing an active legal identity, and a history going back almost twenties littered with repeated financial highs and crashes, notably ending in the bankruptcy of “Dubois Designs” in the recent recession of 2002. Nathaniel still owns the domain name, despite the closure of his website, but tracking it back Dox was able to find an address.

Following the night of Fury:

Edward wakes to find his sire Andrea packing her few possessions. Asked what she is planning, Andrea explains that with the Prince and the rest of the city now believing her destroyed, remaining in the city only endangers Edward and the others. She shares what few details she remembers, gives him a cell number she could be reached at and tells Edward she is heading to New Iberia. With Edward unsure what to do now, Andrea encourages him to make a place for himself here in the city, and encourages him to find strength in numbers – his fellow neonates embraced a week ago.

Saying his farewells with Andrea, Edward joins the others at Corpus Christi, where he and Tina explain the fate of his sire. As related in the last session, the PCs are commended for rescuing Father Marrow, escaping the church successfully, and dealing with Andrea Рeven if none of it was ideally handled it was handled well enough РPrince Vidal allows the PCs to move freely around the city as long as it is in search of their sires, Sarah, and an explanation of their mass embrace. It is clarified that the PCs have permission to continue using the Trem̩ District, and Savoy is willing to extend that into the French Quarter if the PCs are careful.

After the meeting Edward manages to speak with Father Marrow alone to inquire about Andrea and the other sires, mostly learning what he or the others already new, but he did catch a reference to “that whore Dubois.” At the same time, Dox is able to arrange a meeting with Miss Opal through Antoine Savoy.

Seeing that the other three had left to go hunting or other tasks, Edward confronts Dox about Dominating him the night before. Dox is evasive about acknowledging any wrong doing on his part, but he does agree to set up a meeting at Didi’s Jazz Club tomorrow night with the rest of the group to share what everyone has discovered so far. Wanting to get a head start in his research Dox pressures Edward for what he knows, but finds himself fleeing Corpus Christi when Edward lashes out with Nightmare.

Edward, having dealt with the most pressing issues of the night heads out to do some hunting and to work on reinforcing the Tenement he’s using as a Haven. Jack, having been one of the earliest ones to leave, hops in his Van and starts prowling the streets.

Meanwhile the girls, Tina and Becky Lynn, both famished and still hurting from the night before go club hoping together. Both put in far more time than they had intended. Tina moved from prey to prey, savoring one lick after another, taking close to six hours and seven victims before he appetite was sated.

Becky Lynn’s efforts were much less successful, especially being unwilling to put herself out there and act the promiscuous party girl. After feeding on one boy, yet still hungry, Becky Lynn continues her hunt, but is largely frustrated in her efforts. To hesitant to put herself out there, she finds herself striking up a conversation with another girl timidly hovering nearby. As the night gets late this girl, Sally, asks Becky Lynn if she’d like to walk her to her car. A shy farewell kiss and Becky Lynn finds herself feeding on the most energizing and lively blood she has ever tasted, even after sating her hunger she could still feel Sally’s pulse beating strong. Both shocked and pleased by the experience, timidly decide to swap numbers. Having misplaced her own cell, Becky Lynn gives Tina’s number instead.
. . .


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